Geographical Information systems (GIS)

We offer a full range of services to follow the entire lifecycle of projects based on geographical data, from the acquisition of the raw data, processing and integration, through the development of bespoke software applications. Geographical Intelligence embraces a huge range of requirements: from logistics to infrastructure management, commercial planning to environmental conservation, traffic flow management to socio-economic planning.

Network and service monitoring

We developed our own complete, mature, multiservices platform, capable of managing and analyzing the behavior of networks and services throughout their entire lifecycle, thus ensuring high standards of QoS, managing and analyzing large amounts of data in real time.

Cyber Security

The cyber security division is a structure specialized in the implementation of solutions, customization and provision of IT security services, modelled according to customers’ needs and to the specific risks of the area where it operates. In the ICT world we set as a system integrator, with a targeted offer to medium and big companies, claiming an important experiences portfolio in the following areas: Advisory, Defensive Security, Offensive Security, Data Intelligence, Managed Security Services, Incident Response and Physical Security

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